Hate Crimes against LGBT

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Hate crimes against LGBT in South Africa

South African activists call to SA government to do something about hate crimes

Duduzile Zozo Part 1

Young Lesbian brutally murdered in South Africa for being gay

South African normalisation of violence

Activist Jabu Perreira speaks about hate crimes against LGBT

#Res275 PSA end violence on sexual orientation and gender identity

African activists speak out against violence of LGBT

Human Rights leaders and Religious leaders speak out against discrimination of LGBT people

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Archbishop Thabo Makogoba

Anglican Archbishop asks us to accept difference and stop violence against LGBT people

Human Rights leaders speak out

UN Free and Equal Campaign speak out against inequality of LGBT people

Ending violence against LGBT people

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on ending violence against LGBT people

Legabibo's legal challenge

Botswana Legabibo takes government to court to register LGBTorganisation

Victory for Legabibo

Legabibo Botswana LGBT org wins case in high court to register their organisation

Decriminalisation and Freedom Seychelles LGBTI

Decriminalisation of homosexuality in Seychelles